South Korea, the trend destination

Sometimes you meet people and get to know something which you didn’t thought was able to happen.
I just went to the shopping mall to buy the last few things for my journey and get a new haircut. Actually I had already left the mall without the haircut but then decided to go back and get it anyway. The stylist looked strangely at me when she heard my last name, froze for a second and than asked if I knew her son. Yes, I knew him, we were in school together and both study in Copenhagen.
But the funny thing is: He is going to study in Seoul this fall! This is so weird and how big of a coincidence is that?
It seems not so big at all. All the time I hear from people in my closer network who will be in South Korea this fall.
Either South Korea seems to be the new trend destination for exchange students from Denmark or my perception is blurred by the fact that I only get the information on someone going on exchange IF they go to South Korea. I may know of almost everybody from Denmark going to South Korea and then it’s actually not that many at all. But right now it just feels like exceptionally many students go to Korea this fall…those who do can proud themselves by going to the coolest/greatest exchange destination 😉 See you in Korea! 3 days left.

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