The journey begins

Today was the day I left Copenhagen. It was quite unemotional. As I have noticed often before: I’m not bound to a geographical place or certain environment to feel home. It’s the tasks that I have which make me feel “home”. Due to the tasks which are still left to make the Copenhagen Inline Challenge and other club activities a reality, there are still a lot of things to do, just not from Copenhagen but from Germany, where my parents live, but hence I haven’t really left the city, I still have tasks to do and hence my home is still in Copenhagen.

After all, my room is emptied and prepared for the next person to use it while I’m in Korea. My parents came to Copenhagen to pick up the things I need in Korea and helped move the other things. I’m very grateful for their help 🙂 Today they took back home to Germany and took me with them.
At least some of the way. Two years ago I visited them by bike, where I took to Middelfart on Fyn and went by bike the rest of the way (120km). Back then I had a 12 kg bag with me and made it the most painful experience I have ever experienced.
Today I wanted to try it again but without the bag. It was much better even if it were still painful, but by far not comparable to the first time. And boy does Denmark have many hills! Actually I think there is nothing but hills! But finally I arrived after 5:40 h (incl. breaks) and am quite happy with the time:


The reason to start the tour in Middelfart is the following view from the “Gammel Lillebæltsbro” (sorry for blocking the view 😉  ):


Now the countdown starts: 10 day left until the airplane takes off. Enjoy you weekend!

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