Day 8 – Breakfast, lunch, dinner? All the same!

Me and my fellow exchange students run into some weird problems. One is to get food. Just anything eatable. And searching for it requires to change the search criteria. A Korean breakfast does, just as lunch and dinner, offer rice, spicy vegetables and other side-dishes. I think many Koreans are actually eating western breakfast with bread or cereals (cornflakes, oatmeal,…) but I have to find out if that’s true. Nonetheless I had a Korean breakfast this morning in my desperation of finding any food and it’s actually eatable even in the morning but I definitely like oatmeal much better to neutralize the taste in your mouth in the morning.
Our first activity after the breakfast was a info session. Nothing special. I have a Korean bank account now and have signed a lot of papers in Korean which I don’t know what say.

I like to give you a little impression of the campus, but without writing much. But I have to warn you: There is only grass and NO rabbits. I’m sorry. They hide during the day…

2013-08-27 15.11.35_medium

2013-08-27 15.12.22_medium

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The second part of our activities were a meeting with our Korean Buddies and the others which are assigned to the same buddy. We were a group of 7 including 2 buddies. As an ice breaking event we should build paper planes and let them compete on flight length and design. We had a good time I think and the experience from TEMO (Technology, Economics, Management and Organisation) from DTU last spring was a valuable help to find my position in the group and be part of the group forming. After all my approach to people is still analytically and professional. I think this will never really change, no matter how much I improve my social skills… The funny thing is that I have a dominant role in groups when they first form and in professional environments I often stay as the “leader” in these groups but when it comes to social group forming I decrease quite quickly in dominance after the first “get to know each other” and then often get isolated. I’m wondering if this is ever going to change? What does it need to find an integrated role in a social group? And what are the differences in professional and social groups?

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