Day 10 – Suncheon Bay Garden Expo

The KAIST international students went on excursion. 6 busses, from Daejeon to Suncheon on the south coast to visit the Garden Expo.

I decided to share a broader range of pictures this time:
Picasa album – Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013

There are a few comments on the pictures, but I actually didn’t take any pictures from my favourite attraction at Suncheon. It was a long bridge with 14.000 ~10x10cm pictures from children from 16 different countries to the topic “Dream”. It was overwhelming to see so many pictures at once. These pictures also mean just as many lifes and dreams and hopes. So many different dreams. Dreams also symbolize the hope for change of something that is missing. That may be the wish for money, when the family lacks it, the dream to become a doctor, when someone in your family is sick. The dream to do something with friends when you are missing them.

Dreams are associated with something positive but on the bridge a thought occurred to me: Statistically some of these kids may be dead by know. Dreams always bear the possibility for unfulfilled dreams. Also none of the plates were blank, so we all chase dreams, some of us will succeed while others will fail.
This gave the “Dream bridge” an ambivalent aura, for which I didn’t found the right angle to catch in a picture.

Enjoy the pictures.

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