Schedule finished, first week too

Today I have finished my schedule for this semester. I ended up with the following courses:

Text Mining: Use computers to extract knowledge from text data.
Analytical Methods for Big Data: A description of Big Data comes in a separate blog in the near future
Advanced Information Security: The current hot topics in Computer Security (what threads are the most important right now?)

All courses are interesting and challenging. I have kick started the Big Data course by installing the software we will spend much time with during the course and am writing a program to extract several data from Wikipedia. I’m looking forward to dig deeper into the topics, but for now my weekend has started, since I have no courses on Fridays and actually my Monday course “Text Mining” is also cancelled next week. So what can I do with so much time? Oh, right, climbing!

I got my new, and bigger, climbing shoes today and they feel perfect. I can almost extend all my toes, but only almost, such that the shoe can supports my foot. Especially when wearing them without socks the shoes fit neatly to my foot.
After classes I went to the climbing wall to test them and it was great. My fingers get stronger and I could climb much longer than the last two times and again there were other climbers who taught me how to climb the right way. They were patient and they have to, because I’m a slow learner when it comes to body movement. If I should ever have trouble with my courses and I need a break I can just go to the climbing wall and find friendly people. It was the same back when I came to Copenhagen and I found out that there is a roller skating club, where I’m warmly welcomed. Suddenly you feel accepted and you get to know a lot of new people who share your interests. I just hope that I don’t mess up my grades because of too much time at the climbing wall…
Tonight I will dream of “Cross, step, right hand, twist!” 🙂

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