New acquirements

It rained today. A light rain, enough to feel it but not enough to really get wet.
I had planned to buy a few more things today, especially textbooks for my courses and a bicycle to be more mobile and independent of the bus. Walking to class all the time is already now annoying, since it’s between 900m and 1400m to the classes.

I started with the text books. But it turned out that the book store don’t really has all the textbooks and some of them only in Korean, even if the course itself is in English. So I ended up only buying one of the books. On the back it says: $59.95 so I thought: That plus some $5-10 for shipping to Korea…this gets really expensive. But the books are sold surprisingly cheap here and I had to pay about $40 for the book.

Then I went on to get a bike. I had decided to buy a second hand bike to not spend too much on a bike that I will only use for 4 months. And here it is:

2013-09-06 12.04.18_medium

The bike shop had no more second hand bikes so I had to buy a new one. Pretty, isn’t it? 🙂 Task for you: Guess the price (in USD, EUR, DKK, KRW,…). I give the answer on Google+ and in the next blog.

I spend the rest of the day working on some stuff for my courses to take as much of the work load now to have a little room for details when we actually get to the point in the course where it is relevant what I’m working on now.
Also it is a little strange feeling to think that I’m in Korea. It feels like everywhere else. There is air to breath, stores and restaurants to eat, books for reading, sunlight, cars, noise, other people. The differences come when you go into details, but why doing that? They are of little relevance after all.

Have a nice weekend.

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