Rolle rückwärts und weitere Überschläge

“Rolle rückwärts” means a backward roll and is in German also used as a metaphor for step back to an original decision or point of view. I come back to the rest of the title.

The reason why I made a “Rolle rückwärts” is because I’m currently collecting signatures for campus clearing. For example I needed a signature from the library that I have returned all my books (they don’t seem to check it, though). The problem was yesterday that I had planned to leave on Sunday, but I needed a signature which depends on the return of the dormitory key and I had to hand in the form on Thursday for getting back the excess rent (I had paid until the end of February). I couldn’t find a reasonable way to both stay until Sunday and get my money back, so I thought that I would have to leave on Thursday. But then I asked my roommate if he could lock me in the rest of the time, when I return my key and that was fine for him. I just had to ask the supervisor for permission. Things turned out completely different today and I could make the “Rolle rückwärts”. The administrator responsible for refunding the rent made a short call and then I could get the signature without returning the keys! So everything was fine. Even without the inconvenience of having my roommates key. I was super happy about that. But then…
“weitere Überschläge” means more rolls (more or less) which is not a common metaphor, but I think people understand that it means that there has happened more and it was chaotic in some way.
After getting the signature and returning the refund application I went to the International Relation Team to get my deposit back and let them take a copy of the campus clearing form, such that if it disappears on Sunday, where I have to put it in a tray, that they still have most of the signatures and the signature that I got back the deposit. But it went out in a crazy way, showing that life is not fair.
So I stepped into the room and the woman in charge spotted me and said: “I wrote you an email, did you get it?”
I: “What? When?”
“You have been selected for a fellowship scholarship!”
“Are you sure it was to me? What address was it sent to?”
You couldn’t remember any email and I checked them all the day, because I’m waiting for some emails. I had to looked through my emails and yes, there it was. I was a little overwhelmed and surprised and a little sorry for all the others who could use the money better, since I’m not super dependent on it. I thanked her very much and went back to the dormitory, feeling a little more lucky than I deserve. Life makes it a little too easy for me. In combination with the scholarship I get from the Danish government (like all Danish students) I don’t have to worry about financing of my life and in one year I’m making even more money in a job (looking through the job offers on LinkedIn I get on a weekly basis, I can see that I don’t have to worry finding a job in the field of Big Data. I fit their profiles often on the spot.) So I feel very privileged and thankful right now for the way things turn out.

Tomorrow I have the last written exam and I have invited my studying group for dinner, marking the definite end of the studies here at KAIST. It has been an unforgettable experience and I’m looking forward to the 2 weeks where I will travel around the country, before my stay ends.

Also I talked about a new website, which I was about to make. The reason why I made this new page is to share the projects that I make, hoping that others will be able to benefit from them and get inspired. Also I wanted to have a side where I can showcase myself to future employers. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think 🙂

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