Parallel universe

I like to share a thought with you:

I heard of theories which claim that there is a parallel universe for every instance of time. I didn’t read these theories and I’m not sure how relevant they are scientifically. But let’s assume that there for every scenario you can think of, for example the sun is shining at your location or that there do not exist any humans at all on earth, there exists a parallel universe for which this scenario is true. My thought is inspired by “The Golden Compass” trilogy by Philip Pullman, in which there exists a magic knife, with which the protagonists can cut windows into their current universe and enter another.

Let’s say this was possible (by some fancy physics, and who knows, maybe Philip Pullman has such a knife, or me for that sake), what would our life be like, if we could just choose the parallel universe best suitable for us?

– Meeting friends on the other side of the earth? No problem, just choose a parallel universe where they happen to be visiting you.

– Missed the train or do you have to wait for it several hours? No problem, you just enter a parallel universe where it is just arriving.
– Had an accident? No problem.

This would be the bright side, but what would it be like to travel through parallel universes, especially if there is one for every possibility?

How do you choose a suitable parallel universe and how do you make sure that the friends you want to visit actually know you in the parallel universe? What happens if you do not exist in the parallel universe? Would it be inaccessible or would you just vanish the moment you enter it? A new cause of “death”/disappearance: Entered wrong universe.

New ethics would be needed, because none of you’re actions would really matter, because you can just enter a universe where you’re bad actions wouldn’t have any consequences. Lets say you accidentally killed someone in an accident, it wouldn’t matter to him or her, because you and anybody who cared for that person could choose a universe where the accident didn’t happen.

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