2014 – (Not) Celebrating New Year

This is the last short post from Korea, tomorrow I head westwards. I spent the last day of 2013 walking along the Cheong-gye-cheong stream from one of the first bridges all the way to the Han-river. Here are a few pictures.

2013-12-31 13.17.05

2013-12-31 13.16.09

2013-12-31 13.16.18

2013-12-31 13.16.29

2013-12-31 13.16.37

2013-12-31 13.16.55

2013-12-31 13.20.45

2013-12-31 13.20.53

2013-12-31 13.42.54

2013-12-31 14.03.11

2013-12-31 14.03.16

2013-12-31 14.06.55

2013-12-31 14.07.10

They even have lanes for inline skaters:

2013-12-31 14.13.30

Unfortunately the lane is only 300m long and ends with an inline rink similar to the rink in Daejeon:

2013-12-31 14.14.17

In the evening I went to the Namsan mountain to have a good look over the city to see all the firework. This was a huge disappointment. Except for a public firework nearby and a public firework far in the distance I only saw 3 private rockets (which went: phheeee blub), so basically no firework in Korea. The locals mostly stayed at home. At least I got walked my 5 km walk afterwards, to get to the next subway station… (could have been much worse if I hadn’t had GPS)

Happy New Year!

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