Missing Korea

It’s now almost 2 months since I returned from Korea. I miss the time. I miss the country. I miss the good experiences.
I couldn’t communicate with most people, because they didn’t speak or understand English but I could mostly get what I came for with hand waving, smiling and an extra portion of patience. I also met people which did speak English (both Koreans and internationals) and I had some great conversations with them. We were all in a new situation and we were all curious to learn more about each other.
I miss this curiosity. There have now been 2 months with tasks, hard work and much of solitude. People are not curious and me neither. People rarely smile. Some of the Koreans are now at the DTU and we had some dinner together which was great and I feel more close to them then I do to anybody else here in Copenhagen, but we haven’t talked since.
I feel like a robot and I feel unwelcome. Because I don’t smile, people don’t smile back and because I’m busy with so many administrative tasks I rarely get out of my room. At least my master thesis has started and makes fine progress (in my opinion, I haven’t spoken to my supervisor for weeks). Also my running is going well. I ran for 13,3 km today with 4:20 min/km, so I will probably finish the half marathon on the 29th of March in 1:30 which is a time I’m happy with.
I have started climbing again in Nørrebro Klatreklub (NKK) and have been to an introductory climbing competition which was great fun and I’m looking forward to much more climbing this year. I miss the climbing wall and the people at the World Cup stadium in Daejeon.
I wish I were back in Korea…


Climbing competition in NKK


Korean dinner: 비빔밥 (bibimbap) and 돼지불고기 (dwaechi-bulgogi). So delicious.

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