Busan – A fabolous city

I had the most marvellous two days of my whole stay here in Korea, only topped by a few events of shorter duration. I will try to make it short and post more pictures and a video instead.

I’m in Busan and the city and the people I’ve met here are so much different from what I experienced elsewhere. At my hostel we did have a Christmas party yesterday, when I arrived, and even if it was not the most comfortable situation for me and I didn’t became an integral part of the party, also because I was the first to go to bed, it was still so cool to sit together with Koreans and internationals alike. We had lots of food and lots of fun:

2013-12-25 00.25.26

Celebrating Christmas with your family might be irreplaceable, but being at the beach on Christmas is not too bad either:

2013-12-24 14.53.33

2013-12-24 14.54.50

2013-12-24 15.24.40

2013-12-24 15.25.07

After a noisy night because of the party and all the people coming in and out of the room, today was devoted to a hike to the Jangsan mountain nearby, 634m high. Another of the internationals from the hostel joined me and together we went to the mountain. We met a girl who was also on her way to the mountain and together we started our climb. The girl went up the mountain regularly and hence left us soon to go up another way. We then started on the rocky part and because we had chosen the direct way to the top it was quite steep all the time. Also I will show you the pictures here, they can’t come anywhere near the real experience of the view over the city that we had. Needless to say that it was great. The first few pictures are from the first peak, about halfway:

2013-12-25 12.06.38

(We went to the top, where you can see the red-white-tower)

2013-12-25 12.11.49

2013-12-25 12.13.32

2013-12-25 12.13.45

2013-12-25 12.32.51

…and pictures from the top:

2013-12-25 12.33.36

2013-12-25 12.39.20

2013-12-25 12.40.11

2013-12-25 12.46.23

2013-12-25 12.47.06

2013-12-25 12.49.41

Busan finally feels like I’m on vacation and not in a temporary place where I should get away from as soon as possible. Together with my hiking companion, one more international and a Korean, we went eating Korean BBQ in the evening, which was delicious. Afterwards went to another beach to watch the lid up bridge, which you can see on one of the pictures above. The bridge is equipped with thousands of LEDs…

2013-12-25 20.58.08

…but what they are actually used for was not known to us until the music started playing at the start of a new hour:


I wish you all a great day.

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