While my computer reads books

The title is to be literally. As I described in an earlier blog I’m having different thoughts on how to teach intelligence to computers and right now the computer has to learn English and a good way to learn languages is to hear it over and over again and read a lot to learn in what context words are used and how the sentences have to look. The computer has to learn the exact same thing, so in order to learn the language the computer has to read lots of texts. The amazing thing is that what a human learns and reads in a time span of years, the computer is able to read in hours and days. Unfortunately the human has more time to deal with the exceptions which pave the way of languages. That is the next step: To let the computer deal with the exceptions. And still one question lingers: How to make a computer understand what it reads? Can a graphical of the world be implemented on a computer. I hope this to be the missing piece to make the computer understand. Anyway, it has to be very clear that those a dreams which I have to believe in to keep motivated, even if they might not be very realistic. My motivation is: “A computer has to be taught, just like a human, and the program which is trying to achieve intelligence has to be as complex as the human brain, no reductions to simplifying models allowed, which would only result in an imitation of the way a human thinks instead of working the SAME way as a human.

Anyway, I wanted to tell about my day, which was purely fantastic. It started with the fuzzy feeling of providing a new answer which has existed for a long time. I’m doing well in my courses, maybe even overachieving. That may be the only problem with it, but let’s stick with the good things and come back to this. After the lectures I went climbing and all the effort the last weeks just paid off today. I was able to climb the routes, which I struggled with the last weeks, even several times and try new and harder routes and my arms where still not totally blown. That alone would have made the day great. It’s such a great feeling to dynamically move sideways on the bouldering wall, reach for a hold, grab it and hold to it like I will never slip it again. Even when the feet slipped I still hang in the arms and could calmly reset the feet and still finishing the route.
Then one of the other internationals came to the climbing wall which has taught me climbing the last few weeks, also how to belay (I hope it’s spelled correctly), that is, how to secure the climbing person, by feeding him rope when necessary and hold the rope on tension else. The other international had made some belay-exercises with me last week, so I offered him that I could bally for him while he is doing his warmup-route. I think I have been a little too confident or at least have asked him if he feels comfortable with me belaying for him, at least he fast tripping a little from one foot to the other and putting on his jacket first but at last accepted the offer, since I stood beside him all the time. I suggested that some of the others could back me up and he happily accepted and we got some of the others to keep the rope behind me, just in case. That I had the opportunity anyway was a great experience and I felt that I had everything under control. I’m not very routinized yet so it was good to have backup and I should take it a little slowly. After he finished his climb it was my turn, even if my hands where tired from all the bouldering. I accepted the offer anyway and this climb made the day a perfect day 🙂 My legs are still a little shaky, because the feeling of being high above the ground and the rope being quite loose is a strange feeling and then the feeling of my hands being weak! But after 2 falls I got all the way up to the last hold at the overhang, an indescribable feeling to get to the last hold for the first time.
The next goal has to be to get up without falls and to get some of the harder bouldering routes. It’s going to be some crazy weeks 🙂

Ah, my computer finished, I have to feed it more texts, so enjoy your days!

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