Random thoughts

  •    19.11.2012: The personal optimal outcomes makes people more happy than the overall optimal outcome. You prefer to get a green light 10 seconds earlier even if it may delay 10 other people by the same amount and they still would be fine not knowing they were unnecessarily delayed!
  •     13.12.2012: Do you know yourself the best?
  •     16.01.2013: Why is fluid dynamics, weather and human behavior (stock markets) so hard to predict, while other things are so easy? Does the way we think restrict us?
  •     16.01.2013: Would a showroom for internet buyable items be profitable?
  •     16.01.2013: Where is the border when designing technology between taking into account peoples differences and when do they have to deal with their problems themselves? Technology cannot be design for every single personal need at the same time?
  •         Subquestion: How should the society take into account that some people like competitions and others don’t? How should “competitors” and “non-competitors” react to each other?
  •     11.04.2013: Why do people have the need to comment/correct others? Why do they “waste” time on random people on the internet just to be right?
  •     [will be extended]


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