Pinnacle PCTV Software Defined Radio (SDR)


This project contained two elements: The modification of a modified Linux kernel module for Pinnalce PCTV Stereo cards and building a cone antenna for frequencies as low as FM radio (~100 MHz).

The modified kernel module for the TV-card (saa7134) is a fix for the existing modified kernel module for an earlier Linux version. The inspiration and link to the source code is from here:

My modified kernel module code is here:

The cone antenna was build from cardboard and aluminium foil. The purpose was to serve as an antenna for the PCTV card. The antenna is direction sensitive but with the correct positioning I was able to receive some of the stronger radio stations. The signal from other sources wasn’t strong enough for my setup. It later turned out that my apartment overall is a poor place for receiving any radio signal.


Project details
  • Client: Private
  • Date: Autumn 2015