I made netmap for my dad, who is IT-manager at a hospital in Northern Germany. The IT-department used nagios up to that point, but were unsatisfied with the training needed to configure it. They wanted a tool which made it easy to monitor whether a device is active or not and which looked nice on a big screen.

To use netmap you need a LOCAL webserver. WARNING: The code is not meant for running on a public server!

Language: German


– Create your own webserver
– Extract the files to the webserver
– Fill in your MySQL credentials in “db_init.php” and “db_link.php”
– Open in a browser: http://localhost/netmap/db_init.php
– Delete db_init.php (running it again would reset the database)
– Open http://localhost/netmap/ and login with ‘admin’ and password ‘netmap’


Project details
  • Client: Private
  • Date: Summer 2012 - summer 2013