One week left in Copenhagen

The next 4-5 month this blog will be more of a diary than a place where I discuss thoughts. My journey goes to the Republic of Korea (South Korea), where I will study for at KAIST for one semester. I’m doing the last preparations, especially packing my stuff into boxes. This means only one week left in my beloved city. I’m going to miss the atmosphere, the people and all the activities. In particular I will miss the biggest inline race, Cophenagen Inline Challenge, which I have spent so many hundreds of hours organizing together with the rest of the team, Sune, Dorthe, Charlotte, Jørgen and Christopher.
The last week will be spent on further packing of boxes and bags and preparing instructions for those who will take over my place in the organization of the Copenhagen Inline Challenge and the training in VRK.

Counting down my days in Copenhagen also means counting down my days until my arrival in Korea. I’m so excited :)) I just past the 1.000 word mark in my vocabulary training. I guess I still have some work to do…


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