Raindrops smash heavily against my glasses, the water is splashing up for every puddle I drive through with my bike. It’s dark, wet, cold and storming. I’m on my way back to the dorm after attending the very last lecture at KAIST. It’s strange to think. It’s hard to imagine that I just said goodbye to a new friend. Of course we will stay in contact, but will live far away.
The last 3 days have been the culmination of the semester, with 3 hand-ins on Tuesday, one presentation yesterday and 2 presentations today. Tomorrow there is a deadline for one more report, but it’s a correction of a report which was handed in on Tuesday, so not a big deal.
All 3 presentations yesterday and today went well, but the two today just had some extra momentum, making them so much fun to present. The cryptography presentation today was especially fun, because I had set the bar high for myself by wanting to do a live presentation of a computer system. I had rechecked everything before I came to class today and everything was working, but you never know what happens in a live situation. But everything went well, except that I ran out of time and could not show everything. At least I had the time to show how to “hack” the universities website.

Now there are only reports left and one 2 hours exam. The exam will be my last physical interaction with the studying environment. After that everything is digital.
In 10 days I will be on my way to Daegu, then Busan, somewhere else (not decided yet) and then go back to Seoul for New Years Eve and New  Year. Finally my stay here will come to an end the 2nd of January. 21 days from now. I’m going to enjoy the last weeks here and share more experiences.

Also I have a new website coming up about…me. So if a blog weren’t already self-centric enough, soon you will be able to read even more about me and my projects! Yeah! 😉

Have a nice week

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